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IRS General Infantry Soldier -redesign- by Target21 IRS General Infantry Soldier -redesign- by Target21
AN: Redesigned the armor, helmet and the combat webbings. Removed the armored leggings for knee guards. Wanted to further make the GI more armored yet more mobile and look like the colonial marine design; ruggedness and technology combined in a single soldier. 

Through decades and generations of clever cultural and social nurturing, propaganda and countless social policies, campaigns and indoctrination programs by both Autarch Ayman and Autarch Michelle, the Singaporean society of the IRS has been carefully transformed into a lethally united galactic force on its own. Fueled by patriotism for Singapore, virtually all citizens possess a unbreakable spirit of devotion towards the defense of the intergalactic nation, whether be it physically, socially or psychologically. The name of Singapore in this future now no longer remains in a mere island; it has spread out to the stars seeking new opportunities to expand its power and ensure its own survival among the larger powers of the Universe.

Recruited from such a militarized and unified social collective, it would be natural that Singapore's soldiers make some of the most zealous and solidified fighting force in the Universe. Though not as advanced or adept as the other factions, Singaporean soldiers make it up for their lackings by their readily massive numbers and excellent combat psychology in the field. Singaporeans rarely retreat unless it gives them an necessary tactical edge, and when they find themselves cornered they will quickly recover and stand defiantly in the face of the enemy onslaught, gladly fighting to the last drop of blood and engaging in brutal and savage melee combat for the sake of Singapore. These men and women make the first line of defense against Singapore's enemies and it is their sacrifice all day and all night that keeps Singaporeans safe from harm, in times of war or in times of peace. 

The General Infantry soldiers are designed to be adequately armored yet mobile and to be rugged in the field with the best practical technology at their disposal. These soldiers are well known to be fast, adaptable, capable of quickly switching between offensive and defensive combat and fighting in concert with other elements to form a powerful military joint strike force. They can work well both in large infantry masses, as well as in small individual fireteams.

Other than war, these soldiers also guard important government and military installations, and assist in colonization expeditions providing protection and a helping hand in setting up a new colony. They may also be seen in excavation missions to recover lost alien artifacts and technology, providing escort and guarding vital sites and facilities.

General Infantry equipment

1. M8 Tactical Helmet: Constructed out of Bryoceramic and internally padded with soft Kevlar, the helmet provides protection against small arms fire and combat debris for the wearer's head. It also integrates a state of the art HUD display, Communications and Sensory systems, improving accuracy and user interface with combat systems onboard and abroad, coordination between forces on ground and in command and environmental awareness of the soldier itself. The soldier has access to the battlefield network Integrated Intelligence Network (IIN), allowing him or her to obtain all kinds of combat information ranging from a tactical movements to data on various subjects such as known units and equipment of the IRS, its allies and its enemies.

2. No.3 Byroceramic Body Armor System: Made out of thick but lightweight Byroceramic hard plates mounted on a kevlar vest, this body armor provides adequate protection against small arms fire and energy-based blasts such as lasers and plasma. To improve energy dissipation, Aegis layers are electroplated onto the armor itself to improve its energy resistance capability. Cheap, light and comfortable, this body armor will continue to see service for the foreseeable future. Incorporates Bryoceramic shoulder guards as well as hard plate arm guards.

3. Arm Computer: Mounted on the Arm Guards, this compact lightweight computer assists the soldier in accessing battlefield data and operating friendly and enemy systems. It is durable, and has a decent battery life which can be recharged in the presence of solar energy or any electric access ports if available.

4. Kneeguard: Constructed out of Bryoceramic mounted on a kevlar padding, the knee guard functions to provide protection to the soldier's knees in the field from small arms and battlefield debris. While it can be swapped for armored leggings for more complete protection, that adds on weight and reduces overall combat mobility.

5. No.2 Multi-Camo Uniform: The new standard battle uniform for all soldiers in the Military is the No.2 Multi-Camo Uniform. It can change colour schemes thanks to a special in-built electronic-controlled chemical reactant weaved in the fabric, allowing the wearer to blend in almost any environments with a mere switch. Urban, desert, snow, jungle, grasslands and plain camo patterns can be selected and additional patterns can be programmed in the design matrix of the selection mechanism. The wearer can also move around and fight in this uniform easily and the thermal conductor fibres enables the soldier to feel comfortable in the cold or in the scorching deserts. The fabric is also tough and durable, reducing the need for replacements.

6. Combat Boots: These boots are made of extra-durable waterproof materials, keeping the soldier's feet dry and comfortable and the cleaning made part easy. The sole's design allows the soldier to traverse harsh terrain with not much difficulty and provides traction for slippery and wet environments.

7. T55 Combat Webbing: The T55 carries 4 ammo pouches which readily provides spaces for a total of 8 magazines, 2 Sidearm holsters for mounting a pistol and a combat knife at either sides and misc back pouches to carry other kinds of equipment and can be replaced for other gear as well. 

8. Grenades: Each soldier may carry up to 4 grenades and while the standard HE HEG-68 grenades are used, other types such as Flashbangs, Incendiary and Magnet Grenades.

9. Backpack: A standard field pack containing all essentials such as food and equipment to survive far away from base or for prolonged periods of combat. It also hosts 2 sword sheaths on the back to carry a M9 machete which other than for use in cutting vegetation, utilized for dedicated close combat where knives are a child's toy.

10. Strassbolt S35A2 AR: The standard assault rifle of the Armed Forces, the Strassbolt is primitive yet effective in human hands. Capable of firing in all terrain and requiring low maintenance, the Strassbolt is also cheap and always readily available to supplied anywhere anytime. It fires powerful 5.56x45mm MER-V49 micro-explosive rounds from a 40-round magazine. Numerous weapon attachments can be placed such as a grenade launcher, underslung shotguns and other kinds of tactical equipment.  

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