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IRS Government Structure by Target21 IRS Government Structure by Target21
The Interstellar Republic of Singapore uses the Socialist Autocracy system where power is concentrated in two individuals, the Autarch and the Co-Autarch, and they are given the responsibility to secure the welfare of the people and the perseverance of the Singaporean Culture, Heritage and Identity. The social contract that ties people from the Government, the Military and the Civilian is called the Singaporean Patriotic Constitution. This Constitution contains rules and ideas that the everybody must follow so that they can do their part to protect, uphold and further their nation into a state of peace, security and pride.

The Autarch and the Co-Autarch nay hold immense power, but they can be challenged by three major bodies which are the Central Command, the People's Council and the Internal Security Bureau. Central Command oversees the military development and protection of the IRS from threats foreign and domestic. Autarchs can become commanders in their own right in times of war and Central Command will relay their orders down the chain of command to the soldiers on ground for coordination of the war effort. The People's Council represents the citizens of the nation and voices their opinions and concerns to the Autarchs so that the People will be kept happy, content and in high morale while the Internal Security Bureau ensures that the political fabric of Singapore remains stable and that the Autarchs do not abuse their power and make decisions that are against the context of the Constitution. Autarchs that are deemed unfit will be stripped of their power by the ISB, should they be supported by the two other bodies and the population itself. 

Note this chart does not include sub-organizations, local boards and the list of all ministries.
u4nltimatewave Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
to peace, security and pride...great
Target21 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
The IRS is quite patriotic after all.
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