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IRS Navy Crusader-class Cruiser (Redesigned) by Target21 IRS Navy Crusader-class Cruiser (Redesigned) by Target21
A redesign of the current Crusader-class. Though it has less number of weapons, it has more long-range weaponry and more potent balanced firepower.

Crusader-class Cruiser

Nation of Origin: Interstellar Republic of Singapore

Operating Branch(es): IRS Navy (IRSN), Standard Fleet-use

Armor: Lunamite Composite Armor (LCA Grade 2) electrocoated with ENLON Energy Repellent Layers

Power Plant: 5 Photon Tokamak systems and the Solar Cell Energy Grid (SCEG) made up of of a network of numerous solar cells distributed across parts of the hull.

Propulsion System: 2 Plasma Turbine Medium Ship Drives

FTL System: Hyperspace Networking


1) EMR-M97A1 Thermonuclear Railgun: Mainstay of the Crusader's firepower, the Thermonuclear Railgun is a double-barreled turret weapon that fires powerful shells each loaded with a small thermonuclear charge at high velocities provided by the electromagnetic coils in the weapon. Assisted by the ship's power Ultra A.I and its own targeting array, the railgun can be devastatingly precise with its firing solutions, allowing the ship to score vital hits on the enemy ship's weak points. The nuclear shell's own atomic charge provides a weak gamma field that allows the shell to melt through shields and hull armor, detonating the nuclear explosive from within and causing major damage. For intercepting missiles and enemy fighters, the turret has a CROWS Flak turret mounted on the top.

2) Raptor Missile Pod: The Crusader has two pods, with each located at each side of the bridge. Each pod stores 160 AP-HEW (Armor-Piercing High Explosive Warhead) missiles and spare rounds. The Raptor is used to barrage enemy targets with streams of High-explosive missiles, damaging vital instruments and components of the enemy unit and inflicting huge amount of saturated damage on the ship itself. 

3) ARBM Silos: Used to provide the Crusader a devastating long-range edge, each silo comes primed with a large Neutron Imploder Missile (but other missile types can be placed too) that upon detonation, overloads the target area with a lot of high-energy neutrons, causing destructive nuclear reactions and decay to the target and destroying or rendering it completely incapacitated with a single shot. Frequently utilized against larger ans more resilient targets. The missile is launched out at high speeds thanks to the Electromagnetic Catapult rails of the silo and has its own guidance system which can be communicated with as long as it is within the ship's sensor range. Quick and deadly, the Crusader becomes a lethal ship to be reckoned with as long as its has its ARBMs at the ready.


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