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IRS Weapons Sheet (Sniper Rifles) by Target21 IRS Weapons Sheet (Sniper Rifles) by Target21
Long-range projectile sniping weapons used by the IRS infantry.

Not to scale.
1. M2210 Designated Marksman Rifle

The M2210 DMR was a squad-issued rife based on the S35 Assault Rifle chambering the 7.62X39mm Microexplosive Rounds fitted with a longer and heavier barrel for long-range semi-automatic fire. It has a decent ammunition capacity of 20 rounds and has good man-stopping power as well as accuracy and precision. Aside the military units, the police snipers and intelligence operatives also use the M2210 DMR for taking down armed criminals and terrorists. The M2210 can be disassembled and stored in a specific case with not much difficulty for storage or maintenance.

2. R12 Enhanced Battle Rifle

The R12 EBR was converted from an obsolete civilian hunting rifle known as the Matchmaker 380 and was greatly improvised to become a modern rifle capable of handling the 7.62X51mm Battle Rifle microexplosive round and mounting military-grade scopes and optics as well as other tactical devices. It is used by supporting sniper teams to take out enemy infantry and the R12 performs excellently in that role, with great accuracy, precision and man-stopping power at long ranges. The R12 has also been implemented with improved construction methods; replacing the Matchmaker's wooden supporting frame with a lightweight plastic, allowing the soldier to move slightly faster without extra weight bogging him/her down. It feeds ammunition from a 6 round clip.

3. Panther .55BMG Sniper Rifle

Chambering the powerful .55 BMG Armor-Piercing Microexplsoive round, the Panther is a sniper rifle for extreme long range engagements with the velocity and power of the round it chambers from a 5 round clip. Other than violently taking out soldiers, the Panther is also used to disable enemy equipment or lightly-armored vehicles, giving IRS forces some advantage over the enemy. The bullpup configuration makes it shorter than it should be in conventional designs and is easier to store and move around with. It has a very advanced scope, with a targeting H.U.D installed in the scope that can display the range to target and calculate the best accurate firing coordinates for the shot.

4. MkX2 Special Apllications Coilgun

Developed for sheer anti-armor use by the special forces, especially the Havoc divisionate. Firing 5.56X45mm Specialized rounds propelled by powerful electromagnetic rails, the MkX2 can penetrate almost any kind of material. It could have been the main sniper rifle as it is shorter and lighter than the Panther but the complexity and expensive costs to manufacture the weapon in mass numbers prevented the wide distribution of the Coilgun and has been restricted to special divisions who can make better use of it. It also makes use of the same type of the Panther's scope, with an advanced H.U.D that can calculate the best accurate firing solution for the shot.
daniellandrom Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i love the panther, but virtually no grip XD
Target21 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
I imagined it to be something to be held like a P90.
daniellandrom Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh, alrighty
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