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THAM-F M1A2 Falcon U by Target21 THAM-F M1A2 Falcon U by Target21
TRD Aerodynamics, the creator of the the first of the THAM-F series, the M1 Falcon, decided to redesign it since the M1 was receiving complaints from the Air Force as 'bulky' and 'ugly-looking'. Using next-generation transformation hydraulics and advanced designs, the M1A1 Prototype was developed. Sporting a more slender and compact frame as well as more powerful weaponry, the M1A1 was seemingly successful. However during field testing, there were problems with the transformation process due to the design and the power plant was not producing enough energy to power the entire system. Whatever that was left of the M1A1 prototype and its data were scavenged for the development of the M1A2. While TRD Facilities were commissioned to create a more powerful power plant, the design from the M1A1 underwent multiple tweaks and changes. By the end of the year, the M1A2 prototype was assembled and tested. Finally it succeeded, at the expense of the energy-shields from the original M1. It was approved for service in the Air Force as well as other branches in 2103.

The M1A1 Falcon U is a very fast and agile unit, able to clear both the skies and the ground for the IRS in matter of minutes. It's slender frame is not to be mistaken for weakness, very often enemy mechs find themselves unable to lay a finger on one of them and in the end they are sliced into pieces as the Falcon Us make quick work of them from where they least expect it. It Jet Mode the Falcon U can hunt down enemy aircraft as well as conducting airstrikes on ground units and in Robot Mode the Falcon U engages its counterparts, with the lethal accuracy of its Photon Rifle and the ever-useful beam sabers. 

The Falcon U (the letter 'U' used to denote 'Upgraded') shares the same major trait as its original predecessor, the M1, which is the ability to transform into a jet fighter. Its jet fighter mode is however much more sleek and compact, especially with foldable wings for easier storage. In this mode, not only is the M1A2 able to use its Photon Rifle, autocannons and missiles, now it also has a pair of Laser Repeaters with each located in each shield mounted on the arm, making the Falcon U more deadlier against targets on both ground and in air. In Jet Mode the Falcon U is faster and more maneuverable, allowing it to redeploy in a moment's notice and outrun the enemy.

In the Robot Mode, the Falcon U loses the ability to use its autocannons and weaponry mounted under the wings but in exchange it has access to its beam sabers for melee combat, a more flexible target acquisition of the Photon Rifle and the capability to use the shields for defence. It can still fly at high speeds, but slower as it has a less aerodynamic form.

The Falcon U's piloting systems improved drastically, with a gyroscopic cockpit to provide a more comfortable environment (especially in the middle of transformations) for the pilot and an upgraded electronic suite with up-to-date Interface and Communication Systems as well as a more responsive TCNS (Thought-Controlled Network System) piloting software. All these improve the Falcon U's performance in the field, allowing the pilots to execute more inhumane maneuvers to outwit and destroy the enemy.

The M1A1 is powered by a new SNEC PTG-M5  Plasma Thermo-Generator, that uses the thermal energy of superheated hydrogen fuel to power its systems. Propulsion is provided by Plasma Turbines, with two found just behind the body chassis and another pair of smaller ones found in the 'feet'. 

The M1A1 Falcon U is still a relatively new asset to the Military thus as such it only serves as an elite auxiliary until more can arrive to replace the M1. Shipments of Falcon Us as well as local production have bolstered the military capability of the IRS Military in its Ancerious colonies, some have speculated that they would be serving in the upcoming battle with the Separatist forces in Tau Volaris once the campaign has been launched into full swing.
Dark-sontheWolf137 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This remind of Red alert 3
GratefulReflex Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just a thought, having the wings jutting out on the legs is asking for it to lose them. You may want them to fold back to form armor over the calf of the legs.
Target21 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
Good idea
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